Heavy traffic creates liking for bikes


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May 26, 2015
A study says that the usual heavy traffic in Metro Manila creates an appetite for riding the bikes. In fact, the news columnist added, bicycle sales have hit a high since 2 years ago when traffic was getting unbearable. I believe that view because driving a car gives one a feeling of helplessness when caught in a heavy traffic jam. I sometimes spend 30 minutes in one place with the unmoving traffic.

However, I still cannot ride the bike to work because of the weather conditions here and also the pollution that would make me dirty and needing a bath after a ride.
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I can see biking becoming a more popular transport alternative for more folks living in populated areas, where traffic is heavy. Studies such as these are great because they give us an idea of where is society is heading. Sorry to hear about the high pollution and weather conditions in your area though. I'm sure it would've been great to make more use of your bike.
Nobody likes traffic jams, even less when you're paired with honk happy car drivers. It's logical to find alternatives in order to avoid these anoying experiences.