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    Feb 12, 2021
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    Hello everyone. First time post on this forum. A bit of reluctance as i am sure to be on the receiving end of some snarky answers, but i am willing to endure the humiliation. Anyway, a bit of background. I am 62 years old 5'9 and currently weight 260 pounds. I rode competitively 3 decades ago, but quit to do the normal things (get married, children, career, etc). 10 months ago i started back up. At the time i weighed 307 pounds, so i have dropped 50 since then. I currently ride an Orbea Orca and just bought a pair of HED Jet 6 Plus wheels. My question is, i know that the HED site says 225 is the max rated weight. I am continuing to lose weight until i reach my goal of 180-200 lbs. In the meantime, is it risky to ride the HEDs even as i lose more weight? Should i just shelve the wheels until i get down to 225 or below? Is there not an acceptable allowance for being slightly over the limit? I am not riding them currently, but would like to get your opinions....