Hed jet 6 plus

The Orca Man

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Feb 12, 2021
Hello everyone. First time post on this forum. A bit of reluctance as i am sure to be on the receiving end of some snarky answers, but i am willing to endure the humiliation. Anyway, a bit of background. I am 62 years old 5'9 and currently weight 260 pounds. I rode competitively 3 decades ago, but quit to do the normal things (get married, children, career, etc). 10 months ago i started back up. At the time i weighed 307 pounds, so i have dropped 50 since then. I currently ride an Orbea Orca and just bought a pair of HED Jet 6 Plus wheels. My question is, i know that the HED site says 225 is the max rated weight. I am continuing to lose weight until i reach my goal of 180-200 lbs. In the meantime, is it risky to ride the HEDs even as i lose more weight? Should i just shelve the wheels until i get down to 225 or below? Is there not an acceptable allowance for being slightly over the limit? I am not riding them currently, but would like to get your opinions....

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
I always have to wonder why big guys want these wheels? Is it the cool factor? Is it thinking the wheels will make you faster?

I can see the cool factor myself. Though I would not waste the money on the speed factor. I am 250 and ride pretty hard so I worry about wheels failing with my weight and power, and style. Had too many light wheels fail me with less than 2,000 miles.

32 spoke 30 mm deep rims have worked for me over the last 20 years so why take a chance on the cool rims? This is my case anyway.

I ride hard and have had many light guys with cool wheels not be able to keep up with me. I've come to the conclusion that my speed comes from training and not spending big money on wheels.

I am just always curious why big guys want the fancy wheels.