Heirloom meat grinders [Was: Pea Soup Recipe]

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    >I don't own a slow cooker... I'm sure they're fine... but they don't work for
    >me. I'm a taster and adder... I don't mind fussing with my cooking, actually
    >for me unless I fuss with a pot continously all day it ain't really cooking. I
    >don't look for short cuts, in fact I tend to find ways that make the cooking
    >experience last longer. I made meat loaf for dinner tonight... took about six
    >hours... first I grind the meat...

    Interesting. Do you use one of those old style meat grinders that
    attach to a bench top and the chunks go into a hopper at one end and
    are auger fed to a perforated plate and cutter at the other?

    They were in all domestic kitchens around here 50 years ago, but I
    haven't seen one in kitchenware shops for a long time now.
    These days people seem perfectly happy to buy their beef pre-ground
    from the butcher or, more likely, the supermarket. There are three
    common grades of it here: very bloody fatty, damn fatty, and fatty.

    >I keep a full compliment of soup staples, from all kinds of dried beans to
    >every shape of small pasta imaginable.

    Cheers, Phred.

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