Hello from Melbourne, Australia


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Nov 3, 2002
Hello everybody, I'm from Melbourne, Australia and been cycling for almost a year now, though I did do a bit of it in my younger days. I enjoy the sport of cycling and its positive benefits that it does for you. Actually completed my very first long endurance bike ride over a week ago, called Around The Bay, a total of 235 kms, which also included the trip back home. It was tough but I enjoyed it. I ride a road bike and do road cycling, sometimes covering long distances like 120kms a day.<br /><br />I look farward to be in this forum and hope that others can give me good advice as I would do the same for them.<br /><br />Happy cycling everybody, and remember to keep it safe and play it safe !!!!!
Hi Albinoni<br /><br />welcome to the forum mate.....your just down the road from me