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May 14, 2010
Last year we carried out a cycling survey which we promoted, largely through a selection of UK cycle forums, including this one. We’d like to thank the 332 people who took part and also to share some of the results.

The age range of those responding to the survey was 18-30 (30%), 31-40 (36%), 41-50 (21%) and 50+ (11%). If you take the survey at face value it seems as if male cyclists outnumber female cyclists by nearly 5 to 1 however, we suspect that men have a greater propensity than women to join forums/blogs where we primarily promoted the survey. Perhaps the owner of this site can confirm or deny that?

From the survey cycling seems to be primarily and urban activity with only 40 respondents (20%) living in a village or the countryside. 42% were suburban city dwellers.

Road/racers were the most popular type of bike (46%), followed by mountain bikes (23%) and Town and Trail (15%). However, only 8% of respondents classified themselves and sports cyclists, taking place in races/competitions. Getting from A to B and getting exercise were the main reasons respondents chose to survey (27%), 20% saw cycling as a great form family recreation and 14% used their bikes to explore their surroundings.

150 respondents (45% of the total) cycle to work and of those 78% did so all year round, whatever the weather! Only 12 people (0.8%) admitting to being fair weather cyclists and jumping on public transport, or back in the car at the end of the summer.

Water and wind proof jackets were the essential winter weather cycle accessory, with 49% of cyclists owning one. 20% also carried a fleece and overall layering seemed to be the answer to battling through the British winters.

Finally, you’ll be relieved to hear that 82% of those that cycled to work showered and changed on arriving in the office. Our sympathy to anybody who works with one of the 18% who just wear the same clothes they’ll be wearing all day – let’s hope they are leisurely cyclists.