Helmet buying guide


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Mar 10, 2021
Hi all noob here. I need an expert advice on what brand of helmet do I need.

I'm torn between Kplus, Oakley, Giro, Kask, and Suomy. Any thoughts?

Any brand and model suggestion will be highly appreciated. I have a Giant Propel rb tho.
All helmets are tested to the same standard. All helmets that pass the testing provides at least a known amount of protection. How much more than required, no one knows.
Fit is more important than brand. That you like it is more important than brand. The worst helmet is the one that gets left on the shelf.
Helmets with MIPS are proving to be somewhat better.
Thanks for your thoughts, Dabac. I couldn't agree more. I've heard MIPS also, maybe I need to consider this.
All helmets are NOT created the same as the Virginia Tech testing proved, sure all helmets must past the less stringent federal CPSC guidelines but Virginia tech took it further which narrowed down the field quite a bit of safer helmets. So read this before buying: https://helmet.beam.vt.edu/bicycle-helmet-ratings.html This site will help you find a top rated 5 star rated helmet at whatever price you want, there was even a cheap $60 Lazer that got into that rating! Of course the cheaper the helmet the cheaper the sum total of the parts used on it will be, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money and want the safest helmet for the money that Lazer Compact DLX MIPS job is a great deal.
Personally, I prefer helmets that do not use the air-pump system. IMO, having an air bladder that could potentially burst on impact is something I don't trust. Lastly, air will not absorb or slow down the rate of impact like a multi-layer foam cheekpad will.
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