Helmet cameras are distracting


Jan 16, 2016
I came across something strange the other day that I thought was noteworthy, and something that maybe does not get as much attention as it should. I was riding with a friend of mine and there was a guy coming the other way with this strange looking video camera attached to his helmet, and both me and my friend stumbled a bit and almost fell off trying to get a look at this thing.

I am not really familiar with concerns about the safety of helmet cameras, but I am assuming that they are geared towards the rider who has the camera, but I am here to say that maybe they should consider the other riders on the trail who might get distracted.

Of course I am mostly kidding and being a little dramatic, but we did get distracted. Maybe a simple warning to other riders to be aware of them will do the trick.
Well, I understand your concern, but we do live in an era where everyone's got cameras on their phones and they could be filming you without you being aware of it. And thanks to the popularity of YouTube and other video sharing sites, there are more people that are filming and posting videos online than ever before. For cyclists, helmet cameras are the most convenient method for them to record and share their cycling routes etc.
I very seldom use my helmet camera, I much prefer to use my stem attachment for any rides that I video. If I do use the helmet camera then I have totally wear the helmet tight (straps) to make sure my footage isn't to jittery. No need to worry with the stem mounted camera about being to jittery, and the camera doesn't stand out so most people don't know i have it.
One cyclist friend said that the helmet camera is getting to be a necessity for bikers because of the frequent accidents. At least the camera can serve as witness and proof in cases of disputes. Most accidents on the main road involving bikes are the damage done to cars. Yeah, bikers have the habit of inching their way between cars during a traffic stop that even if the gap is small, they will force their way that sometimes result in a scratch on the car. And the car's driver would come out to start an altercation. If there is a helmet camera then the biker is at least a bit safe when the car's driver has a gun. There are so many incidents like that here.
It can be distracting but only when you haven't seen one before or if the helmet camera is really big and noticeable. Most are very handy and doesn't look very distracting, and can be helpful for the safety of the rider and during traffic accidents, in general.