Helmet saves life of bike store owner hit by car......


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>My hats off to you, Guy. Appreciate the viewpoints and pretty sound
>knowledge. As one that leans towards safety because of the employment I've
>grown so fond of (vs starving), I have been enlightened, somewhat.

Pleased to be of service :) Remember risk management 101: first,
reduce risk at source. Second, reduce exposure to risk. Third, and
only if 1 and 2 fail, use personal protective equipment.

May contain traces of irony. Contents liable to settle after posting.

88% of helmet statistics are made up, 65% of them at Washington University


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Jan 10, 2004
Dan said:

> One last question, how do you get a statistic on how many people
> may have been saved by using a helmet? You can't possibly know, because
> they weren't a fatality. If I'm riding and T-bone a car, hit my helmeted
> noggin' and there is no injury except my poor busted helmet (pocketbook
> injury) and mangled wheel, where's the report that says, 'here is an
> accident that could have been fatal but he was wearing a helmet'. Won't
> be one!

Well of course not- are you totally stupid? (Oh, that's right, you are!)

You don't get accident reports based on what people believe might have otherwise happened - god we'd be inundated with imaginative stories of what people *believe* would have happened.

I was abducted by an alien while I was asleep and underwent surgery on their spacecraft - it's true and I want to file a report!

Dan, you take the cake as the most deluded dimwit I've had occasion to witness.