Helmets & rear view mirrors

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Velonut, May 11, 2003.

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    There is another element I include in the helmet & rer view mirror discussion - the effect they have
    on the drivers. IRT helmets, it has been my experience that drivers tend to look upon cyclists with
    helmets with a bit more trepidation and respect. A helmet just looks a bit more professional and the
    helmeted is partially armored.

    I have landed on mine twice in one lifetime. The first time was in Louisville's Cherokee Park. A
    (fat) kid chasing a football ran out in front of my and I plowed into him full force. The impact
    just knocked him down but I went flying over the handlebars and landed - yep, you guessed it - on my
    helmet. I was able to get up and continue my homeward bound commute. I know I would have suffered a
    serious head injury had I not been wearing that helmet and there was no way to avoid that crash.

    I have equally strong views on rear view mirrors. There is a cultural element operating here. People
    seem to be a bit nicer if they perceive they are being watched. For me that means a bar end mirror,
    not one of those cheesy little things that fasten onto helmets or glasses. Admittedly one can see
    fine with them. The only problem is - the drivers generally do not see that mirror and do not know
    they are being watched. I use a bigger bar end mirror and make a big production of bobbing my helmet
    and raising my arm to look thru the mirror
    - such a big production that the driver's know (or think they know) they are being watched. Works
    very effectively.

    The combination of a helmet and the big rear view mirror production seems to be very effective in
    combatting drivers.

    Regards from the Velo Nut

    Dale V Lally Jr W0OWF Pompano Beach FL [email protected]

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