Help : 2011 Trek 7.1 FX, 2009 Jamis Allegro 2.0, 2011 Fuji Absolute 3.0


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Aug 7, 2011
Hello Everybody,

I'm new to the cycling world. I actually know nothing about bikes. I'll basicaly be doing riding with my famil on the W&OD Trail. If you are not familar with it, it's basicall a 45 mile trail / road. Was an old rail line back in the day. Any how, I don't know how serious I will be with this, so I don't want to spend too much on a bike. I'm figuring between 400-500. I came across these three bikes.

Anybody have any experience with these 3? I'm would like to get something light and with the possibility of upgrading componetns later. So looking at these 3 bikes on paper, which do you think is the best?

Thanks for all the help.

I have test rode the Trek and the Fuji and personally I like the Fuji better. Felt lighter and faster. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
@JesseC What did you end up going with. I am currently undecided over the exact same bikes. And I've added in the Raleigh Cadent FT1 to the mix as well.

If anyone else has any insight that would be great.

I test drove a Fuji 3 '11 it was nice, shifting was a bit jerky and load though.
The Fuji I am considering is a 2009 Absolute 3.0.

and the others under consideration:

2009 Jamis Allegro 2

Raleigh Cadent FT1 '11

Trek 7.1 FX '11