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    First, I will admit I am an a bit of an enviable position. Either way, your help is really appreciated.

    I had an expensive (to me anyway) bike stolen. This bike was gifted to me in 2001 and was well above anything I was willing to spend. I am told by my insurance company that in order to recoup the full value of the bike I have to buy a new bike equal to or greater than the value of the bike that was stolen.

    To make a long story short, I have approximately $1,100 to spend on a new hybrid bike. First, I am a relative newbie and ride casually. The bike will be ridden approximately 80-90% of the time on pavement. However, I would really like to be able to take the bike off road. I imagine any offroading will be dirt trails and nothing very extreme.

    There are a few bikes that I have looked into and I would love to get some opinions from the forum here. I think the main question I have is how important a front suspension would be given my use case for the bike. Any help is really appreciated.

    Here are a couple of the bikes I have been looking at. Opinion on these models as well as other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, I am unsure whether the front suspension is something that I will need or want. Thanks again.

    I'm sure there are dozens of other choices and I am still looking through other websites.

    Thanks again guys and gals.


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    Lucky you! You would probably appreciate a suspension fork for casual paved trail riding with a little light off road riding. It increases your comfort level when you hit rough sections of pavement or for any off roading.

    Other brands to look at? All of the major manufacturers. Which bike to buy? The one that feels best when you test ride it. If you ride a bike that you really like but it does not meet the price that makes the insurance company happy, have the bike shop load up the bike with accessories like a flat kit, helmet, shoes and pedals.. They add up really quickly.