Help !!!! Campy Instructions and bent dropout



Help Guys, I need the following please:-
1.) Campy instructions. I cna find the 2002 instructions on the website but how do I get the 2000 Triple Mirage Rear Dearilleur and the 2001 Veloce Triple Frint Derailleur instruction. I got no instructions when I bought them.
2.) My tandem is a Peugeot frame but it has a Kinesis dropout or hanger to mount the derailleur. I cannot find a dropout anywhere an short of having one made I do not know what to do. I found the website for Kinesis and my dropout is featured there. I sent a email to them but had no reply so far. Any lead will be greatly appreciated. If I have to make the dropout myself what type of material ie grade of aluminium, do I use.

Thanx in advance

Keep those wheels spinning ( mine ground to a halt temprorarily when my rear derailleur became entagled in my spokes during a road race on Saturday and mangled everything. Luckily we were not hurt)

Big H
Hullo. Sorry to hear of your troubles. The grade of aluminium - I dunno. Whatever's available, perhaps. 6061? Make two, and replace the old one every one or two years maybe. Did the original one break? Fatigue? Thought of trying stainless steel? Much tougher than aluminium, but more difficult to work. Won't break so easily tho. Most derailleur hangers use a 10 x 1 m.m thread to mount the der. Check you Campy der, it may be different. Good Luck.
Howsit Big-H

Click here for the Mirage Triple instruction set and
here for the triple clip-on or here for the triple braze-on.
Although the last two links take you to the Centaur instructions, I'm under the impression that the Centaur has replaced the Veloce range.
VO2, I purchased a 2000 triple rear and a 2001 triple front, I got them both for a very good price. I have previously downloaded the instructions for my double Mirage that got destroyed. The older one I have now has distinct changes to the newer Mirage I had. Would the instructions still be the same????

Paul, Apparently the dropout must be of an softer material, hence aluminium, to ensure the dropout breaks and not the frame

Thanx for the replies and keep those wheels spinning!!!!
Big H