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Jul 23, 2005
Quote by dumbass:
"BUT, are you sure you want to continue to disparage ME when you were wrong about the Ultra Torque crank installation?!?"

Alf, you dumbshit, you 'disparaged' yourself. No one did a damned thing but try to get you to shut the Hell up with your moronic and just plain wrong ******** 'advice'.

And you are still fucking clueless.

The Emonda is a Winter beater bought for abuse in Ohio Winters. Road salt, grit and roads in even crappier shape than normal. I also own a box full of Zeus, Triplex Sport, Modolo and other assorted ****. Big woop, you dipshit. I also own Huret and Simplex **** not good enough to line a catbox with, you idiot. What to make something of it?, dickface?

I wasn't talking about the shifters, you moron.The LOOK house brand rings looked like SCRAM at a glance. I would apologize for the error, but it's more appropriate to just tell you to **** off, you complete fucking worthless dumbass.

Yes, Alf, you's an error. You will NOT see me sit here for 8 pages trying to type a bunch of complete fucking moronic horse **** you some retarded fucking defense of it. You fucking retard.​

Now, go **** yourself and shove your make believe "Air Gap Hirth Joint" up your ass, you fucking asshat jerk.
GEEZ ...

You seem to be getting more-and-more erratic in both your thinking AND in your replies ...

Regardless, I am not the individual who disparages Shimano and then turns around and buys a Shimano-equipped bike!

Winter Bike? Mine simply has my hand-me-down-to-my-other-bikes Campagnolo components. :)

I am not the one who cannot do simple arithmetic ...

Now, as is necessary for 'full disclosure', I have found that two-out-of-two frames with Italian threaded BBs needed a thin shim to "fix" the Ultra Torque BB cups to the proper measurement. AND ALLOW my UT crank's Q-FACTOR to only be the ideal 144.5mm rather than the kluged 145.5mm dimension!

I am still confident that one day you will have an epiphany and figure it out ...

AND, that you will stop acting as if YOU ARE CLUELESS.
My Hirth Joint will do another metric long as Alf doesn't tweak some mythological '1 MM Air Gap' into in after faking a measurement of the Q-Factor.

What happened to your Émonda?


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Sep 12, 2005
Quote by Alf:
"You seem to be getting more-and-more erratic in both your thinking AND in your replies ..."

No, Alf. Ever since your multi-page moronic postings on C60's thread I've been quite consistent in knowing your are utterly insane. Did you eat a lot of lead paint chips as a child?

"Winter Bike?"

Yeah. I know that concept, like most others, escapes your brilliant scientific mind that's so steeped in engineering solutions to imagined problems the entire forum is still laughing at you.

"What happened to your Émonda?"

It's gathering dust. But, so are 15 other Campy equipped bikes from the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 200x's and 201x's. When the roads are shitty, I'll bring out the shitty shitmaNO **** to deal with it.


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Sep 12, 2005
Forgive me for not addressing your points earlier. My chain needed cleaning.

Quote by Swami"
A set of chainrings does not a chainset make."

Actually it does. You Engrish continue to utilize the term "CHAINset". Well, what is the component part and most important part of the CHAINset and the part that actually interfaces with the CHAIN and influences, more so than anything else, how the CHAINset functions and shifts?

That's right, Sparky, the CHAINrings.

But, you already knew that and enjoy splitting hairs while grasping at straws with your strwaman argument.

"The cheapest CAAD8 has FSA arms and chainrings. The CAAD12 does have FSA chainrings."

I fixed that for you.

And in case you missed it...which you obviously did...the CAAD12 Disco also utilizes the FSA BB30 Bottom Bracket.

Bottom Bracket:
FSA BB30 Bearings

So, from inside to's a freaking FSA crankset with some el cheapo non-matching house brand arms tossed in to save a buck and increase profits.

"Saddles are very personal choice, a bit like pedals. Unlike pedals, you can't really sell a bike without a saddle. I don't know of a production bike that comes with my saddle of choice."

Yeah. No one sells your favorite 14" vibrator.

"It seems ironic that someone keeps bad mouthing Shimano stuff, yet he's the only one that has a full Shimano groupset. Weird."

At least I get to fairly evaluate every component in the shitty shitmaNO lineup running exactly the way the Fukishima Engineers designed it to operate. Craptastically.

"I don't have Shimano cranks."

After blowing all your money (and half the clientele) down at the Blue Oyster Bar I'm not surprised you are stuck with a low-end FSA crankset.

"If you would have read anything I've written in the past decade..."

No thanks. Alf has me laughing too hard as it is.

"I have FSA cranks, exactly as you pictured...".

Sorry to hear. I'll donate to your "Please Buy Me A Real Crankset" GoFundMe account.

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