Help choosing parts for new bike.


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Nov 4, 2013
Hey all,

I've recently decided to get more into serious cycling and I'm looking to build a custom fixie with a flip-flop back hub. I've done research but am unsure of what parts to buy to get what I'm looking for. I'll be very specific as to what I'm looking for and maybe someone will be able to suggest some parts for me. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the options.

-Weight: 14-17lbs
-I really like the look of the Venge frame so I'm hoping to go for something similar looking. So far, I've found this Dengfu FM098 that seems to fit the bill. I was also considering the Leader 725 (I've heard that they've fixed a lot of the problems the older models had).
-Budget: I'd like to top it off at 600 but am willing to go for 800.
-Purpose: Urban riding/commuting (not street parking so it's okay that it's a bit flashier) & long distance riding
-I think I'd be looking at a 48/19 for a 2.5 gear ratio to help me out in the city (48/15 for the freewheel side)
-The FM098 has a vertical dropout so I assume I'll have to purchase the Eccentric EON hub
-I want to install a front disk brake because I'll feel much safer with it in the city - the FM098 comes with a fork but it doesn't seem to have the disk brake holes, so should I get the Leader + disk fork or FM098, sell the fork and get a disk fork? Anyone know if they would consider changing the fork for the FM098 to a disk brake compatible one?
-50 or 60mm deep v wheels
-Mostly likely Vittoria Randonneur tires.
-Drop bars

SO what specific parts should I be look at getting?

In case anyone needs to know: my measurements (I'd be getting a 54cm bike more or less)
Your Measurments Inseam:
Lower Leg:
Sternal Notch:
Total Body Height:

Thanks all for your help.


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Sep 12, 2005
For many years I have longed for a DengFu.

I hope you have scoped out the awesome Chinarello Snake Frame and the Chilnago MasterFu models too. They are worthy of your quest.

I would only build these frames with a full MicroShift or Token track group. The finishing touch would be a pair of Yoeleo! 88MM wheels with red spokes, white nipples and the gold anodized Novatech hubs.

I will be envious of your sweet ride.