Help finding a Vintage Fork Rebuild parts source



Hi All, I used this group a ton in the 90's and am now turning again
to the collective wisdom looking for some help sourcing some parts for
vintage forks.

A) I have an 89/90 Klein Attitude singe with what I think is an Answer
Manitou 4 fork with a Klein specific steerer, hence why I want to
rebuild it. It is Black and silver with Manitou in blue. Inside each
leg, as accessed from the top, is a stack of 5 red bumpers, and when
the legs are opened there is an additional single orange and single
black bumper. I need 14 of these rubber bumpers replaced.

B) I have a Judy XC with a custom 1" by 18" threaded CroMo steerer for
a vintage Cyclocrosser / commuter that also needs a rebuild since the
steerer tube is a one of a kind. I know the cartridge is shot, but
there may be soem bumpers as well that I probably should also replace.

Does the collective wisdom know where I can get these parts?? If
anyone does, please post to the site for reference and to me directly
at mcardlejl at yahoo dot come as I'm not so sure yet about accessing
and retreiving usenet messages via the web. Hey, while on the topic,
can anyone also point me to a more user friendly site other than
google to work within usenet???

Thanks all! Jim