HELP! First bike, advice needed on which woman's hybrid...


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Aug 7, 2014
I am a "mature" woman (age 59) in good physical condition... 5'6' and 150 lb.

I decided to take up cycling on a level somewhat more vigorous than tooling around my local neighbourhood, and have joined a "social" bike club.... average distance of day trips approx. 60 km. I have no interest in road bikes, trips of 100+ km., more "go than whoa", etc.

It was suggested to me that a hybrid would be the best purchase for me. My first priority is to feel safe and secure - I don't want to be "leaning over" the front tire. I plan on riding on paved roads/concrete, bike paths, hard packed dirt, etc.

My price range is approx. $500-600.00.

Thus far I have tried a Giant LIV Alight 2, medium frame, and enjoyed it. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your time and expertise!
You're looking in the right direction, the road performance or "fitness" category of hybrids. You might find the men's or unisex style of diamond frame to be a little more responsive to steering and pedaling inputs. You might also want to see the offerings from the other brands in this category. Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Felt, Scott, and Raleigh all make sporty road hybrids that are worthy of consideration.

Your final decision will be based on very personal preferences. There's nothing wrong with that.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply - appreciated.

I'm not sure that the bikes you have cited fit into my $$$ range,but I will take a look at them

Cheers! Kathy