help for friction of penis glans


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Apr 20, 2006
After some long distance rides I have developed raw tip of the stout fellow....In 30 years of riding this has never happened........riding is now very much of a pain. I'm wondering if contact dermatitis from laundry soap. I have a 24 hr race coming up and was wondering how to protect the little fellow during rides.
First thing to do is go and see your doctor and make sure that you don't have an infection of some sort.

Unless you have recently changed the laundry detergent you use (or the manufacturer has changed the formula) then contact dermatitis from laundry detergent is unlikely. However, you should always make sure your shorts are thoroughly rinsed after washing. Also, avoid detergents with built-in fabric softeners because they leave a residue on your shorts and it is possible for this to cause irritation.

Then check the position of your penis in your shorts when you are riding and also check your shorts - is there a seam or perhaps a fold in the padding which could be responsible for the excess friction? Not all cycling shorts are the same and maybe this particular brand doesn't suit your anatomy.
thanx for the info. I've got the washing machine repair man on the way.........clothes are not being rinsed properly.