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    Hi, Im Dave Taylor, I am 35 years old . Let me tell u a bit about myself first. I served in the Marine Corp USMC during the gulf war and got out when my 4 years was up later started work for Timewarner Cable and S&L communications here in North carolina as a Computer technician .I was doing really good but in the corporate world u get stepped on sometimes .So i left my job to open my own business . This i though was not going to be too hard , but it was . The banks here really didnt care about my credit for the loan i was gonna need , but they did care if i had collateral and all i owned was my motorcycle and car .I didnt own any real estate or bonds .So i couldnt get the 10,000 I needed to open with .I couldnt understand it because my bike is worth 5000 and my car is worth 3500 so i thought that would be enough .But they would not accept these items as collateral. So i was stuck between a rock and a hardshell .Ive been running this business out of my house but not to busy because of no store front to work in . I setup my website and a few pictures to give people the idea and setting i want for the business .Computers is all i know and this is what i have to do for my profession .Ive been messing with puters since i was 11 years old so im a bit oldschool and have watched things come and go on the puter side of things . Ive taken a second job flipping burgers because it has been hard on my family and to keep my bills paid .Gosh i hate working in fastfood Never did this before. So i have now turned to the internet to ask the people over the net to help .Yes ive tried some other organizations to ask for loans and grants but they will take a while to get some places have been about alot of talk but no action . I want to now just ask the people over the internet just for honest help .Please visit my site A donation of $1.00 $5, $10 or what ever amount u would like to donate from my website . I will keep u all posted on where we are financially on the discussion board on the website . I know this is gonna take a while but im not gonna give up I will do this , I will make this happen the smile back and know that There are people willing to help u .You just have to ask in the right places :) Yes i am a real and new business owner struggling to make a differrence .Thankyou all .

    Or send donations to

    Dave Taylor
    3647 richlands highway
    jacksonville Nc. 28540

    Rememeber i dont care if its just $1.00 $5, $10, or anything will help or lead towards me getting the rent money ,
    and parts i need to get a store front opened .

    rent $1000 a month for building all the rest will go towards parts and other additionals needed to maintain .

    Id like to say Thankyou all again and Please visit my website .

    Please email to friends if u can for a good cause . .