Help identifying year and model of old BRC MTB


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Jul 27, 2023
I have an old mountain bike made by the now long-defunct Canadian company Boyes & Rosser Cycles (BRC). I am trying to identify its model and year of manufacture.
I think it's a BRC Sierra, but it doesn't have the Sierra's traditional highly angled stem. There are also no identifying stickers. What it does have is:

- Shimano BioPace chainrings (1983-1993)
- Suntour Accushift Alpha-3000 rear derailleur (1987, Suntour bankrupt in 1988)
- Shimano Cantilever brakes
- Unknown anodized aluminum stem

It doesn't have that odd rear brake placement of other Sierras I've seen, but I'm positive the brakes are stock. And it doesn't have that really steep stem of other Sierras - I'm less sure the stem is stock, but I'd guess it likely is.

Is this a BRC Sierra? And if so, I'm guessing 1987-88ish unless you could still get Suntour after they went belly up in 1988. I also don't know how long Boyes & Rosser operated.
Also, did the Sierra's have Chromoly frames? It's not as heavy of a bike as I'd expect for normal steel, but it can be hard to tell.