Help ID'ing Campy Shifters and brakes

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Hi, I've got a set of shifters and brake calipers that I bought from a mechanic friend a while back
(who has since moved) and I can't remember what line he told me they were. It hasn't mattered till
now but I'm getting ready to sell them. My memory is that he said Record, but I'm not very sure and
they don't look like our other Record stuff so I'm thinking Chorus.

Shifters are 8 speed. Have "Carbon" label. Shift handle is solid at the bottom (doesn't have the
cutout like my wife's Record shifters). Brake levers have the Campy logo at top and diagonal
grooves. No other logos.

Brakes have "Campagnolo" written in black script on them. My wife's Record brakes have the engraved
logo. Not sure what else to tell you.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need more info about either. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.