HELP!!!,I'm looking for this person.



Hi all,

I hope that one of you might be able to help me to find someone. To make things even more difficult, I don’t even know the name of this person. The person is female with short blonde hair. She rides a beige and brown Fondriest and rides for Cresta Wheelers. I saw her on my way to the Wilro 100 race a month or so ago. I also saw her after the race standing around and chatting to her club mates. I know she lives in the Bergbron/Florida Glen area.

If anybody knows her, please let me know.

Thanx a lot.
If she's worth that much effort to find her, I'd like to find her too ;D ;D

I take it she's a fox.
Believe me, she's beyond a fox and the best part is, she rides a bike. What more do you want. All women should be made from her DNA.

If I had a pic of her, I'm sure I would have had a phone number aswell.
You do realise that we expect a formal introduction once you find her. . .

and a photo ;D

and one of her bike ;D
That is really sweet, a stalker sort of way...

Here is a tip, though. If you know who she rides for, they might have a website. Just a thought.

But, if you wind up in jail over this, you didn't get any advice from me. I don't know you. We never met.

Don't Cresta meet up at Alan V's shop just down from Cresta Mall? Why not join them for a few rides?

S'been a while since I rode with them but I think it's 7:30am Sat and Sun....good luck!
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But, if you wind up in jail over this, you didn't get any advice from me.  I don't know you.  We never met.

Gee, with friends like this...

;) ;D
But we will send you a cake with a file in it from an anonymous friend. Or maybe we won't. We'll go an give your foxy lady some emotional support on your behalf. ;D

The plot thickens. . .
Thanx for al the advise and help. I've already phoned them and found out that there's a club race on Sunday. I'll go and check it out.

I'll keep you posted.

I've joined Cresta Wheelers and have been to two club rides and a club social and still I have not managed to see her again. HHHHEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

I think I'll go now and slit my wrists with a rusty chainring. :-(
Giving up is the first step in the right direction - now you'll probably see her again :)
Chainrings are made from aluminium - they don't rust ;D

OK OK technically aluminium rusts faster than steel/iron but forms such a stable oxide that the surface oxides provide a protectice layer that prevents further rusting!

I agree with Jaco - life is weird - things pop up most often when you're not looking for them...
Now how many beige & brown Fondriests could there possibly be out there. We're all looking out. Oh and remember. . .Finders keepers. ;D ;D ;D
Why not phone the Fondriest supplier in SA, find out which shops they supplied with beige and brown Fondriests, phone the shop, beg, and get her details?

Supersleuth Mampara on the case....
Fondriest distributor in SA:

JBR International cc PO Box 752078 Gardenview 2047 GAUTENG
TEL +27(11)4535198 FAX +27(11)4532342 [email protected]

... and you didn't get it from me :-X
Good news, I saw my "mystery lady" this weekend but weren't able to talk to her. We arived late at the club ride and everybody was getting into their groups. Unfortunately we were'nt in the same group and I could not go ride with her group because I had family with me who I'm trying to introduce to club riding.

Maybe next weekend I'll be luckier. Atleast now I know she "really" exist.

Will keep you posted.