Help me pick a wheelset...


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Mar 17, 2003
Hello everyone.

Okay, here it current wheels are Mavic CXP 21's with Ultegra hubs, Wheelsmith spokes, 34 holed & spoked, built by Wheelsmith. Came with my bike. They're okay, but heavy. So, I'm planning on regulating them to foul-weather use.

So, I need a set of fast, light and smooth road wheels for fast training and the occasional club race. I have been looking at Cane Creek AeroHeads ($250) and Mavic Cosmos ($329) on the "low" end of the price range, and Mavic Ksyrium Elite ($499) and Spynergy Xaero Lite ($699) on the "high" end. I'd also like to look into Ritchey Z Deep Section wheels, but don't know much about them or how much they cost.

I'm not a fan of "paired-spoke" designs like Rolfs or Bontragers because I'm afarid of how bad it'll hurt should I break a spoke during a ride!

Anyway, anyone got any opinions or suggestions? What have you tried or what do you ride and how do you like them? Any help or feedback would be great! :D