HELP needed: Trek Fuel EX 8


New Member
Jan 3, 2008
Can anyone help me out as to how I can order a replacement part from Trek?
I was checking the torque of the pivot points on my Fuel EX 8 when i heard a massive snap, I had threaded one of the bolts. I was extreamely shocked as the tourque wrench was set to 2N.m less then the recomended 9N.m. I have tried all of the local bolt places around and they couldn't help me.
Also has this kind of thing happened to anyone else? When I removed the entire bolt I was supprised and how light of a material it was. I know some people try to shread weight off their bike every place possible, but i thought sacrificing a few extra grams on the bolts that attach the rear shock to the frame would be fair for the riders safety as well as maintaining the frame.