Help please: Campagnolo Chorus over Mirage (8-Speed)

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by JonnyH12, May 18, 2011.

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    Hi, I've been struggling trying to find an 8-Speed Campag Mirage shifter for my bike and have managed to locate a Campag Chorus set. I'm aware this is a slightly higher level of Campag products but if I were to buy this set I have found, would it still just as easily fit onto my bike, or are there any reasons as to why I shouldn't do this. Quick responses would be great as I am worried this part will disappear. Thanks!

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    You should have no problems substituting 8-speed Chorus shifters for your 8-speed Mirage shifters ...

    • this may be stating the obvious -- depending on the amount of prior use, you may want to get new derailleur cables

    BUT, are you looking for replacements because your shifter is slipping OR because it is physically broken?

    • If the former, then a set of new G-springs will probably restore the shifter's functionality ...
    • If the latter, then you may want to consider opting for a newer shifter model ...

    If the reason that you are/were looking for a direct substitution is because of your wheelset, then you may want to consider getting any 10-speed Campagnolo shifter (the non-QS which are NOT Xenon-based are much better) AND marry it with an 8-or-9-speed Shimano rear deraileur to approximate 8-speed Campagnolo cog spacing ...


    If your 8-speed cassette has stamped cogs, then the shifting with a 10-speed Campagnolo shifter + 8-/9-speed Shimano rear derailleur may-or-may-not be unsatisfactory ... I don't know how finicky the stamped cogs are when the indexing is slightly off.

    • 8-speed Shimano & Campagnolo wheels are generally interchangeable AFTER you adjust the rear derailleur's high-low stops & tweak the indexing

    BTW. You should be able to have most non-QS Campagnolo Campagnolo shifters retrofitted with your current 8-speed indexing cog. Save the swapped-out indexing cog for if-or-when you opt for a different cogset.