Help! Roller Choice to get me back in the saddle!


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Oct 1, 2009
Hello all! , 1st post and appologies its a question! I had a quick search for forums and read a few posts and this seems the most friendly and active! So here I am :)

I havn't cycled for 15 yrs :eek:. Used to be a keen road cyclist and occasional ATB rider. Not sure what happened over the past 15 yrs but I am keen as mustard again and need to get a trainer for indoors.

I have decided on Rollers (although I havn't used them! .. I know Turbo Trainers are not for me) and would like to buy some with a resistance add on which seems like a good additional feature.

I have found the following 2 options. Ignore price! They can both be found for a similar price with google. £220 and £230.

The first is the Elite V-arion Roller.
View attachment 11528

The second is the Cycleops Aluminium Rollers with resistance.
View attachment 11529

Any one used the above OR can anyone suggest other alternatives. My view is the Elite Varion has handy looking lips on the rollers so I may be able to ride them more relaxed (how effective or useful are the lips?). The build quality however does look very plastic and wonder if they would last.

The Cycleops has 5 levels of resistance compared to only 2 or 3 on the Elite. It also suggests that as it is aluminium it is resistant to sunlight etc and does describe it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. All this to me suggests it may be harder wearing and of better build quality?

Really stuck on what to go for. Would be keen to hear from anyone who has tried them or could offer some general advice. Any pros or cons.

Thanks. Paul.


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Dec 26, 2009
I've only just started cycling, so i'm no expert. But my dad has been using Kreitler Rollers for years now. Kreitler rollers which were recommended by the LBS here.

You can add on a front fan for added resistance and cooling, and then also a interia roller off the back to simulate coasting


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Apr 3, 2005
I haven't tried either of those, but I would not let anything that looked like that first one into my pain cave unless it also transformed into a bike cleaning robot when I wasn't riding on it. :D

Welcome to the forums! :)