Help Save Skot - Ride Monterey to Santa Cruz

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  1. Veteran NBG Scout, Skot Pascal, a man who has given long time NBG
    readers hours of fun stories and whose slide shows of his rides (noted
    below) have entertained thousands, was diagnosed with a rare form of
    cancer, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC), last Thursday, June 30. That was
    the same day he long had planned to begin the Boise to Eugene relay we
    long had had him scheduled for. What's even more startling about this
    revelation is the fact that Skot's sense of humor and his quick wit,
    which make him such a favorite with his middle school students, and the
    adventurous life he leads, assure one that his life force knows no

    And as testimony to this last thought, he still wants to ride! He still
    wants to be a part of my 2007 TransAM Author Tour team but he says
    before he does that we gotta help him find a cure for his cancer. A
    cancer for which there is no known treatment. And to help expand
    awareness about ACC, he offered to fill the July 27 Monterey to Santa
    Cruz relay leg left (45 beautiful, oceanside miles) vacant by the riders
    who had fallen ill before they could get started.

    Skot, who is now studying Lance Armstrong's book and getting all kids
    of treatment suggestions from friends, is even doing his own recruiting.
    Already Bruce Brodie has said he will join him and he even convinced his
    former coast to coast cycling partner Roberto Lovato to join in as
    well. What makes Roberto's presence poignant is the fact that his hip
    bone was recently replaced with a titanium rod!!

    What's more is that Bob Kelly of Velo Club Monterey had committed to do
    this relay right before Skot had told us he wanted to take it on. So now
    we 'gotta see if we can get Bob's club to join in to help bring Skot's
    cancer into a larger awareness..

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