Help select courses for 2nd annual virtual time trial series!

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    Submit Your Course Preferences for the 2nd Annual Virtual Time Trial Series!

    The 2nd annual virtual time trial series approaching and courses need to be selected. Please submit your course preferences for the series by sending your picks to [email protected]. You may submit as many courses as you like.

    The virtual time trial series consists of five stages and includes a general classification for the lowest overall time. To participate, all you need to do is ride the designated course for the month and upload it to Performance Central. All rider performances will be tallied and results will be displayed including overall results, results by peer group, overall general classification and general classification by peer group.

    Over sixty riders participated in last year's series and even more are expected this year, so be sure to join in the fun!

    Rule changes this year include:

    --> Only riders who are participating in the series may see the results

    --> To allow maximum flexibility, riders may submit their performances at any time during the month for that month's stage

    --> To be fair to those who have submitted their performances on time, no late submissions will be accepted

    Note that, even if you miss a stage, you can still participate in any number of the remaining stages. However, only those participating in every stage will be eligible for the general classification.

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    It seems like the biggest performance boost on these computrainer tt's would be from proper cooling. Do they have rules regarding what temperature you are to ride these events at? For example, if one person rides at 90 F and another at 50 F, clearly the latter is at an advantage, particularly with a strong, large fan to circulate the air.