Help-Sram s900 cranks installation?


Oct 10, 2014
Hello, just picked up a used set of s900 cranks for my BB30 CAAD10. They look nice, and have a new spider and rings. I am not sure what goes where on the install though. I have red cranks now, and these are different because of the removable spider design. I cant find much online, and the Cannondale LBS said I have all necessary parts, but I wanted to double check. As far as I can tell, the 10mm spacer goes drive side, and the adjustable spacer is nds the way I have it oriented in the pic. Any other info I need? Thanks!

Why don't you ask the seller? OR you can simply see how symmetrical the crankarms are-or-are-not relative to the chainstays when you assemble the stack one-way-or-the-other.
Of course, you do NOT need to use a SRAM crankset with your SRAM components ... Perhaps, you should use your momentary confusion as A SIGN that you-and-SRAM are not compatible ... And then, re-sell it & begin the transition to SHIMANO or CAMPAGNOLO components!!!

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