Help underprivileged children get there first bike

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    Who doesn't remember their first bike? What's the magic? Why the intense
    universal desire to have your own bike? Is it the world beyond your own
    front yard discovered or perhaps it's because you get to go really fast, all
    on your own, controlled by only you? A bike is a rite of passage for a child
    and beyond the fun, the smile and the wind in your hair, a bike provides
    many things:
    a.. Teaches balance, strength and coordination.
    b.. Encourages independence with responsibility.
    c.. Provides a practical means of transportation.
    d.. Benefits health at a time when juvenile Type II Diabetes and obesity
    are on the rise.
    e.. Boosts self esteem through a sense of skill mastery.
    f.. Increases socialization with others who share a love for the outdoors
    and provides opportunities for learning about nature.
    g.. Stirs the imagination.
    h.. Puts high risk children in contact with other children engaged in
    productive, healthy activities.
    Visit us on the web and find out how you can help:
    We are a nonprofit charity that is raising money to buy bike for under
    privileged children.