Help with a petition for Lance A.



I'm a cyclist too, my name is Hector Cerviño and I live in Puebla, Mexico. A year ago when I was training one friday at 7.00 pm a bus hit me and broke me both legs with severe bone losses, broke my left arm and damage my entire body. I was 1 month at intensive cares and thanks God and to the doctors and my good shape, doctors could save my legs and today I can ride (limited of course) my bike.

When I was at the hospital a colleage brought me Lance book, and encourage me to go on.

Now that i can ride, I want to do the same thing he did here at Puebla. That is a Ride to send a message to the whole society, that we, the one who uses the bike as a sport or a vehicle to transport ourselves are very upset with the bus drivers, taxi drivers and truck drivers who dosen't have any kind of respect to the transit rules and of course to the ciclist.

We are going to end the ride by giving a letter to the mayor with as much signatures as we can get.

What I want to ask Lance is a simple letter giving his suport to this matter.

This is going to be held at September 23th and all of us will be very excited if he can writte us something.

I would like to help me with adressess where i can send this petitions or any suggestions.

You can e-mail us at

[email protected]
[email protected]

Or send us the letter at

7 sur 4301-302
Col Huexotitla
Puebla, Mexico

We appriciate your atention.

Hector Cerviño