help with carbon steerer springloaded top cap


Bike Writer

I'm very experienced with traditional headsets/topcaps, but
I've never taken apart a topcap that comes with an all
carbon fork/steerer tube.

So I take my Cane Creek 1 1/8 threadless topcap off; it's on
a all-carbon Zeus fork. I put it back in like I normally do
a "normal" headset, but is there something I need to make
sure not to screw up?

I tightened it back down to the point of being "tight but
not crazy gorrila tight." The handlebar turns nicely, no
ratcheting. The stem bolts are tightened down properly. But
that springloaded topcap is making me wonder if I screwed
up. There's no slop back and forth with the brake on, if
that matters, but is there protocol to be followed with this
dang springloaded item that keeps making me think I did it
all wrong?

I'd like to avoid a "I turned left but the handlebar stayed
straight" lesson.