help with gear shifter


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Aug 14, 2011
I have a bike with Shimano ST CT15 index shifters and the front shifter 3X has broken (cheap plastic parts!!). My local expensive bike shop claims that the shifters can only be bought as a set, but obviously I do not want to do that. In a previous thread ("confused about gears") it was implied that these particular shifters may be hard to find and are now obsolete; so what alternatives are there - can I use any X3 indexed shifter or a non-indexed one? I don't care about appearance just as long as it will function and not cost much!
If you want indexed gearing then the lever must match the number of speeds you have and the cable pull ratio required by the derailleur.

If you don't want indexed gears then any old friction shift lever will do (provided it matches the mounting you want).
Thanks Tafi, then best if I use a friction shift lever I think.
As I said this is for the 3 gear crank set, but could you explain the "cable pull ratio required by the derailleur" or give me a link?
You are in Oz eh - the world really is a village now! LOL