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> Anyone know what this is from?
> Thanks, Chris

More than likely it's from the film El Amatuer. That's why I posted this to your other inquiry.
Google "El Amatuer" for more info.

El Amateur

Synopsis: For most of his life, Pajaro's confidence has been trampled by just about everyone in
town. His best friend, Lopecito, works at a slaughterhouse and often drowns the reality of his
dead-end job with alcohol. Together, in a town where they are outcasts and suffer the degredation of
the of the locals, they set out to claim their fame in the Guiness Book of World Records by beating
the record for continuous bicycling. With the encouragement of Lopecito, Pajaro, an amateur cyclist,
is determined to overcome the emotional and physical obstacles of this challenge and regain his
self-respect. The huge weight of acceptance, glory and redemption riding on his shoulders
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