Help With Pedaling Technique


Jun 6, 2007
So I got custom fitted this week and the guy doing it asked where I learned to pedal. Evidently I'm a pedal mash and my toe points down on the downstroke. If I understand how it should be your foot basically is flat through the whole stroke, is that correct? I tried it on my ride this morning but was really struggling with it. Any tips?


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Aug 31, 2003
Mashing is out, regardless of the foot angle. You want to teach your feet to follow the arc of the crank with a supple spinning action.

Regarding foot angle, some spin toes down, some keep a level foot and some drop the heel at the bottom of the stroke. Some even change their foot angle with the load and terrain. I used to be a mashy toe-pointer when I used toeclips with sneakers. That was just my way of keepng my feet in the clips and on the pedals. When I got cycling shoes with cleats, and my flexibility improved, the foot became level, and when I'm climbing steep hills and the cadence drops, the heels drop lower.

You may need to work on flexibility and suppleness before you feel comfortable changing the foot angle. Concentrate on the arc of the cranks.

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