help with repeated flats...


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Jul 6, 2003
Can someone advise me on how get correct tire pressure? I have a bike pump that has a gauge but I don't think it is correct. My wife's bike had a flat so I replaced the tube, that tube went flat while sitting in the garage, not in the same spot. I checked the tire and rim again for anything that could be causing the whole, but nothing was found. I replaced the tube again and we went riding. While riding the tube popped again, again in a different spot. The first time it happened I thought it could be due to an old tube, the second time I thought it could be a bad tube, but 3 in a row?

What I'm thinking is my gauge is wrong and I'm putting too much air pressure in the tire. The tires are supposed to be inflated to 120-125psi but when I'm pumping them up once I get to around 100psi on the gauge it gets difficult to pump them up. Could this be the problem, if so is there a way to check tire pressure or a way to know if you have about the correct amount? Both my wife and I are recreational riders so we don't have to have the "exact" amount, I'd rather had a little less so I don't have to keep replacing the tubes. Is there a rule-of-thumb to go by?

Thank you!

John Picton

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Dec 3, 2003
Take the wheel to your bike shop (or a friends) and ask them to pump it up. You're right. it could be your pump or gauge that's at fault.

120 psi sounds like a lot. Guess they are road bikes. My road bike tires take 100psi and I always inflate them fully. I imagine that they will get a little difficult to pump once you get towards the 110psi mark.

Make sure you are attaching the pump head to the valve properly. The first few strokes of the pump should be easy.

Also, check you are installing the tubes properly and there is no pinching anywhere. Double check inside and outside the tire for glass or thorns. They can be very, very hard to find. Also check the insides of the rims. I had three punctures in three days before I found the offending 5mm glass splinter. It's width was so tiny that I couldn't see it, I could only feel something there.

A good rim tape is essential, though you don't mention where the punctures happen so this may not be relevent for you.

Good luck.


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Mar 9, 2004
Always could look at the tires, although that doesn't seem to be the problem in this case.