Help with Road Bikes


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Apr 2, 2005
I have been biking constantly now for just over a year. At this point I am biking about 250km per week (mostly the commute). I've been doing all this on a MTB … so it's time to try out a road bike.

I could easily go to Toronto for a huge selection, but I'd rather support a local store … which at the moment has a bunch of Jamis and Davinci Road Bikes.

I'm just looking for suggestions / experiences with these brands.

Thanks very much.
I ride out with someone that has a Davinci

Asked him about it, this is what he said.

"Its OK, no better or worse than any other frame I've had and, for the price I paid, its what I expected."

So, not much help I'm afraid but certainly nothing bad to say!
Thanks for the input -

Jamis seemed to get some decent reviews on the web, while I couldn't find much about the other. So I'll probably get the Satellite.

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