A shiny little box

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Nov 10, 2002
I need some help guys…<br /><br />Right now I have a Specialized Allez Sport (2002 model), and I was wondering what the best way to upgrade it would be. Such as, which parts will make the most difference when they are replaced?<br />
What are the specs of the bike @ the moment, like gruppo, wheels etc?
if you're going to race...lighter wheels!<br /><br />if you're just going to ride, a better drive train (derailleurs, shifters, cranks) will make things more enjoyable.<br /><br />ti or carbon seatpost will improve ride, too.
rv is right in what he says...all those things will make it better, but upgrades cost real money. It would have been much better to have saved a little more and bought a &quot;more complete&quot; bike. <br /><br />Also...a carbon fork is a necessity if it doesn't already have one.