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    ok so im learning to weel walk and i can go mabee 10 feet but whenevr i
    lean too far back a put my feet down i keep slicing them on the
    (plastic) pedals or my foot gets wedged between the crank and tire and
    i slam to the grond or i get going too fast and fall. So any
    suggestions on anything or tips too help me lern



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    You could try practicing against a wall, and just ditching the cycle
    entirely if you are past the point of no return (please forgive the
    cliche) in any direction. I can freemount to the wheel and start
    walking, and I learned next to something (walls, sheds,
    trucks/whatever). You could also get some shin guards that have padding
    in the back, but I've never used pads. Flexible shoes are good, and
    enough grip to not slip off of the wheel is also helpful. I walk in
    converse, which don't have grip.


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  3. I tried not to learn against some thing cause then you learn to lean to
    one side or some thing....when your feet start to slide down just throw
    your feet out to the side so the uni lands under you or just lean off
    the side. Try going as slow as you can when learning...thats what i did
    and now i can go forever. (not really but close to it) When you start
    to lean forward just don't wall the wheel and lean back

    Hope that helps!


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