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Feb 20, 2005
ok, so stupid me made a mistake (and doesn't know his bike very well, which you will release very soon).

Have a 2002 Specialized Rockhopper Comp (hardtail, love the bike).

anyhoo, i didn't realize that I have the brake lever/shifter combo until today!

Need help/suggestions for new shifters (9 speed), as I just bought a pair of Avid Ti levers (to go with the Avid Ti V-Brakes I bought last year), and it will be really hard to bike without shifters (no offence to all you single-speed riders out there).

thanks :cool:
Yeah, those Shifter/Lever combos are annoying eh? Try upgrading from Mechanical Discs to Hydros!!! Youll just have to get a new set of shifters...The webpage for your bike wont load (dodgy net) but if you have a 9 Speed, Im assuming the spec is Deore or above. Deore Shifters are a bit over AUD$100 for the set from memory but you can get em' cheaper off Ebay or whatever.