A man falls off the edge of a cliff and about half way down manages to grab hold of a branch

When he looks up, he realizes it will be impossible to climb back up.

So he starts yelling up for help, " there anyone up there who can help me?"

A few moments later a voice booms down from above, "This is God, I want you to let go of the branch..............and TRUST ME".

At this point the man looks back towards the top and yells, "Is there anyone else up there.
Lol! This is a funny one. The trust me thing. I have just had a few sales people use that one. It's funny because trust is something that a person needs to earn. If you are a trusting person you trust people right away but if that trust is broken. They have to earn it back or rectify it. You can't just say trust me. But God, it's not even like that really. If you are into that. Faith, trust, hope, and love are something that all go together. The signs follow the believer, not the other way around. This joke is interesting because man, in religion, says to trust in Him. The joke the guy is looking to see if there is anyone else there to help him. The epitome of a lack of faith.