Helped fellow cyclist with loose crank.

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by [email protected], Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Dear rbm:
    Hi! While walking back from the post office to where I'd parked my
    bike, I came across a cyclist, dismounted, fiddling with the bottom
    bracket area of his bike. Turns out his crank was loose. Handed over my
    handy multitool (he had a little trouble understanding what I meant by
    "8 mm hex wrench" even though I did fold it out for him) and the bolt
    tightened up just fine. Now comes the punchline -- said cyclist was
    riding a brand-spanking-new-looking Treck 7200 FX complete with a
    sticker from the local Trek store on the down tube! How often do the
    cranks get loose on a new bike from a bike shop? How often do they go
    lose on a new bike from a mass merchandiser? Why didn't I have the
    presence of mind to tell him to take it back to the shop, tell them
    what happened and see if they'll redo the assembly? I mean, geez, if
    he's a new cyclist, why didn't I think he might have the expectation
    this sort of thing happens all the time?
    Robert Leone [email protected]