Hey cyclists, stop clogging up the roads!

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Alan, Jun 11, 2003.

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  1. Matt J

    Matt J Guest

    [email protected] (Brent Hugh) wrote:
    > and who last checked their rear-view mirror in 1942.
    You'd be hard-pressed to "check a rear-view mirror" in an RV like that... Might see your wife or
    kids playing cards. Matt

  2. Pbwalther

    Pbwalther Guest

    >>A dozen, maybe more, sucking up nearly an entire lane of traffic.

    Ah, a true motorist. He goes apoplectic at the notion of 1 dozen road users using up a lane of
    traffic. How much would these people have taken up if they had been in sedans? big SUV's,
    motor homes?

    The thing is if all of the traffic on the road was suddenly transformed into cyclists, well
    traffic congestion would nearly dissappear because cyclists take up far less space then cars about
    1/10th as much.

    The worse thing on the road for an impatient motorist is a slow person driving a motor home or a big
    SUV. I can not ever losing time to cyclists on the road, I just back off my speed a tad and time it
    so I can pass them giving them plenty of room and then I can easily catch up with the traffic
    congestion with no time lost.
  3. Ns>

    Ns> Guest

    In Dallas,Tx the motorists are methodical in the elimination of the cyclist.... Usually, they get a
    reprimand or even a suspension from their jobs. The inferred result is "just don't get caught but,
    if you do get caught then we'll have to give you a paid leave of absense from your job." Now that's

    Maybe that's a conspiracy thought but it sure seems to fit...

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