Hey Guys - Quick health question


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Jul 23, 2009
I am a novice level cyclist and have been having some problems with my left knee lately. The only time it hurts is when I cycle, and typically, the pain starts after about 20-30 minutes of exertion. There is no pain to start, only after I have exercised for a while. It also isn't my entire knee. On the front of the knee, I think there is a tendon that runs down along the right side of the knee cap...perhaps from the quadricep muscle?

I have a long and hard cycling event coming up in two days. It is a charity event that will push many to their cycling limits. Most people do around 100 miles with top cyclists doing around 300 in 24 hours.

Could my riding position have something to do with this pain? Could a knee brace help? Should I just binge on ibuprofen during the event (4 every 8 hours) Thanks for any advice!


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Jul 21, 2009
Oh, here goes "any advice." :)

Don't know what's causing your pain, but the drugs are a bad idea.

Besides the anti-inflamatory action ibuprofen has that analgesic property which is probably the last thing you need.

When you don't know what's causing your injury you should not mask the pain that is telling you something is wrong, especially if you are going to continue doing the thing that is triggering the pain. That's just setting yourself up to do worse damage to your knee without even knowing it. Just my two cents.

P.S. I also want to say that riding position could have something to do with your problem. I've had the same thing happen, not on a bike, but in my car, if my seat is not in the right position and I'm pressing the pedal from a slightly off angle. (hurts in the front and not right away) But there is probably someone here who knows exactly what's causing your knee issue.