Hey Hey it's Friday!


Aug 11, 2001
Whatcha guys got planned for the weekend? Is it summer time down there in Aus? and where is Altwegg from, the Phillipines, I think?
Im riding to the bike shop and back 8) to get a new pump as my old one just fell of the bike then a car ran over it. its 80k to the bike shop and back. On sunday their is a 50k club crit at bribie island. Oh no no Crits ;D ill get used to them soon i guess, goh it gets windy on the island sometimes.
Hey there!

Yep, finally is Friday! Did all my training during the weekdays, might check out the bike shops this weekend! gotta go!

have a nice weekend!
I've never participated in a crit before. I reckon it's quite tough?
Crits are lotsa fun :) quite alot different to road races. They're mostly on flat circuits with heaps of corners. If your the kind of rider who does heaps of miles and almost no speed training......you will get your **** kicked 8) you need to be able to ride at 45-55kph with continoius jumpping out of corner after corner. They are tons of fun and most clubs only race crits over the summer here in OZ.

Has anyone guessed that i like crits? hehe

Its not summer here V02, infact it was only about 9 degrees here in Ballarat today. Alot of the time its only 3 or 4 degrees when i go training b4 work :( but in about 2 months we will probably have ahad a few 40+ degree days, they are just as bad IMO :(

Nicholas has it pretty damn good in QLD

If your the kind of rider who does heaps of miles and almost no speed training......you will get your **** kicked  8)

Oh my, thats me!
I relatively fast, but not crit fast...
Most club crits will probably average 38-42kph, mind you I would struggle to stay with a bunch doing 30kph ATM ::) work and training are hard to mix hehe

We are moving into sizzling summer weather over here. Average temps are well over 30 degrees C. I luv it! Beautiful bronzed bodies everywhere ;D
Summer time is great, and the cycling season is in full swing!
Tell me, why don't you guys have so many races over there? It puzzles me. Aus is such a sporting country. Even at small races over here you'll find minimun 500 ppl.
Here in Victoria most of the opens have between 100-200 riders, normally spread over 3 grades. A few years back I used to ride the mid week crits at AFL park we used to have between 20-50 in A grade. Most of the other grades (B-D) had about 50+ riders in them. Numbers arnt everything, you will find the racing here is as tough as anywhere out side of Europe.

Ask Mr Hunter about it, he's been over here a few times ;D

Its a warm 28 -29 degrees here in Qld 8) and it humid.

Oh my, thats me! I relatively fast, but not crit fast...

Yep im like you Vo2 i won B grade on the Road but was whiped in the Crits. Practice i guess.

You have to remember SA has more ppl than Aus , aus has 19 mil and SA has nearly 50 i think? even still SA sounds like there r heaps more bikers.

Yeh heat and biking dont mix when its realy hot. I when mtbing with my dad last year for 80k and the temp was 35 - 40 degrees NEVER AGAIN :) i nearly croked
Sheez, I've come down with some stomach bug. I'm sure it's that damn Kentucky Fried chicken burger I had on Friday. Sunday morning there is a 75k race, but I don't think I'm gonna participate. What the heck do I do if my stomach lets go during the race? Nah, I think I'm sleeping in Sunday morning.
Hmm im not lucky either vo2 they canceled the crit because it was raining, it rained last time too which was 2weeks ago and the time before that it was canceld because the coarse was geting road works done. hmm i wanna race now!!!!!!!!
Seems to me the bad luck is with us, buddy. I felt better this morning, but still decided against racing. I'll go for a nice long ride this afternoon. I'm watching the World's live on the net right now. Ullrich looks good.
yeh its good temps here like 27-28, im doin a 100 and somthing k ride and a club race. hey admin before you got of the bike what grade where u in? and whyd you get of the bike? ??? ???

heres a aussie cycling site for vo2 http://www.sbs.com.au/tdf , hey v02 is cyling on tv much over there?, over here basically the tdf is shown only on sbs.
and sbs shows most of the cycling.(which is not much)
I have a century on Sunday, and the wind is blowing like crazee :mad: Hope it dies down before then...

Yeah, Nicholas, cycling gets quite a bit of airtime in SA (but we want more!). Because SA and European times are simliar, we got round about 4 hrs. of TDF a day! At night they then showed the days highlights for those folks that missed out.
We have a channel called Supersport, and they have a cycling special on each Tuesday night. On Sundays we get to watch highlights of the events of the past week for half an hour, but it also includes other endurance sports.
I was never all that good even when I was racing and training heaps. I mostly rode A or B grade in the few opens i've done, got a few ok results, but nothing to go on about. In club racing I always rode A grade, tho now i'd probably be a C grader hehe

Stopped riding for a couple of reasons, the first being Glandular fever (spelling?) the second being lack of money. Work also got in the way once I got off my ass and got a job ;D

I'm also into fast cars *expects abusive emails* I drive a new SS commodore. So tomorrow its gonna be hard for me to decide weather to go for a fang in that or do a lazy 50 on the bike 8) this attitide doesnt help anyone whos trying to get back into racing hehe ::)

What sorta cars do you guys have?