hey Mount Falcon, Colorado



I wanna see Ride-A-Lot do this.

This trail is under-rated technically IMPO. I've done this trail 10
times, and never seen anyone do the sequences (rock gardens, waterlogs,
jumps, another jump right after then gravel/switchbacks right after
that) still cuz I'm already busy riding. When I do them, I do them at
the highest speed possible, so I'm wondering if people are hitting this
fast or purposely slowing down, of which they shouldn't be attempted
fast. Within 50 feet you have a 3 foot drop, 1 jump, rocks/garden,
another jump and a switchback on a steep descent. All within 50 feet on
a very steep descent.

Should I be going slow or should I be trying to rampage this sequence,
which is an ongoing sequence all the way down? I noticed once I landed
from a jump I was already on the beginning of another jump, and that
was trying to drag the speed down. I mean for crying out loud how slow
are people doing this?

mtberman Date: 01/18/2005 Rating: 6
Review: This is basically a lollipop and is located just suoth of Red
Rocks. The "in" section is Castle Trail and the challenge is to ride
from bottom to top in the number of minutes which equals your age, i.e.
a 33 year old should take 33 minutes to get to the restrooms at the
top. The trail is in the open and has views facing East and so is
prettier and drier than nearby areas. Count on lots other users,
particularly an unusually large number of older hikers who have been
frequenting the area for years and like to remind you of that fact and
who don't like to walk in the "hikers-only" area. Note that Castle
Trail often is so rocky that sections are barely rideable, so it can at
times be a long and frustrating hump up. The reward at the top it the
wooded network of trails. Parmalee Loop is typically ridden
counter-clockwise and is both more fun and more ride-able than the trip
up. It goes around the mountain so you'll get some nice views of nearby
valleys and then Denver as you come back around. Some loose and steep
drops, water bars and snaking climbs but nothing too brutal. When play
time at the top ends, bomb down Castle to the car and try to get the
feeling back in your hands by wrapping them around a cold drink.

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