Hey Ridey, I crashed went face first into weeds




Right where this guy is with his $2,000.00 bike and riding like you,
one who should have a $400.00 bike, I went into the weeds face first. I
almost made it, but uh, I skidded due to bald back tire. But Now, my
sissy Ride-A-Lot, I clear it no problem at 18MPH. I can corner
somewhat, but not enough for switchbacks. I have nothing against this
guy and he probably doesn't deserve me picking on him, but he kind of
reminds me of you. This trail was made for high speed challenges. This
zig zag was put there to attack it at high speed. I can understand some
people can't do it or just don't want to, and this guy isn't out here
shooting off his mouth, but you are you lame ass penguin.

Hey Ridey, did anyone ever tell you you look like a penguin?