hi any chicks here?

Nope, sorry mate, no "chicks" here. We do, however, have ladies that frequent our site.
hey hey :)<br />we have our own womens forum here also, but there aren't a lot of &quot;chicks&quot; here..!
I've always wondered if it's only here in SA that we refer to women as &quot;chicks&quot; and &quot;goosies&quot;?<br />Jou lekka ding! ;D
Nope, call 'em chicks in the states, too. However, &quot;goosies&quot;? Um, no. I think you'd get your **** kicked for saying something like that...especially to a Texas woman.<br /><br />There is &quot;goosing&quot;, however, which refers to grabbing someone's butt. So, if someone gets &quot;goosed&quot;, it means someone grabbed their butt.<br /><br />*from the department of redundancy department*
In Oz, we have chicks, as well as 'birds'. However, these terms are sliding into disuse under the pressure of political correctness. However, neither term is considered offensive (not by me any way). :-\<br />
I'm a chick and I'm from Texas. I wouldnt kick your a$$ for saying that but I might try to kick your a$$ on the trail. ;D Wow it's 2:35 Jan 15 there and here it's about 9:30 am Jan 14th . That seems a little messed up to me. Oh well hope you all are sleeping well. I'm off today so just trying to decide if I wanna do road miles or get out to a trail.
Hey Dolly, nice to see a girl in here :-*<br /><br />For some reason the picture on your profile didn't come trough, so I think you will have to upload it again ;)<br /><br />
Jalabert, I never posted a picture I'm not even sure how. So where is your picture? (Joking) I'm really surprised to see someone reply so fast. What time is it there? I'm just bored and putting off things I really need to do today. I want it to warm up outside before I ride.
I'm in Denmark, Europa, so at the time of my first reply it was early afternoon. <br />I'm pretty jalous since there will be no riding for me before the weekend as I'm currently studying for finals :( Acctully I should be reading right now so I better shut the compu down.<br /><br />
Jalabert, Sorry to hear about your finals. At least when they are over you'll have a good reason to party :) It's almost 3:00 pm here, I finished my errands so I will be heading out to ride soon. The weather is so nice today (sunny and 60 degrees). Not trying to make you jealous just happy to have good weather on my day off. Good luck on your finals, I'm sure you'll do great!
Yet another studybreak!<br /><br />I must say that I am a bit jealous, cause it's only 40* and rainy here. But stilll it is a lot warmer than last week where the average was about 5*. In case you shouldn't know I can tell you it takes a long time getting blood running through your toes after a ride in that kind of temperature!<br /><br />Thx for the peptalk, it's very much needed :'(
[quote author=faster link=board=6;threadid=2598;start=0#msg22287 date=1036658600]<br />any chicks in here..?<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Rico Suavé...

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