Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go !

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    I have breakfast with a group of friends every other Saturday. We usually have 6 to 8 guys show up and the topics are always interesting. Well the topic of retirement came up and several guys are already retired, and several retired but went back to work after several years because the got to bored. So being the youngster of the group at soon to be 59 I was asked when I planned on retiring. I have yet to consider retiring and really enjoy going to work every day. So are you retired and at what age ? or do you have an age where you plan on retiring ? So here is how I start my day and a little bit of what I do.

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    I'm 73, retired just before I turned 67. It was a spur of the moment decision, but after 51 years in construction I figured I deserved a good rest.

    I rode a motorcycle for many years but when I retired to Florida, I saw that it's just too dangerous for a motorcycle, so I sold it and bought a bike. Glad I did because it's been great, riding all over our county. But I can only do that from about October through May. It's too hot in the summer months.

    I've looked for bike clubs but the only one I could find was for riders who had to be able to ride continuously at 21 mph. You don't find many 73-year olds who can keep up 21 mph. I'm a casual rider and like to see things. I'm not interested in performance. Besides, I don't like road bikes so I ride a fatty. It's very comfortable and suits me well. Being retired I can ride every day. Nope, I'd never consider going back to work.

    I like to work on bikes, too, and have built up a tool kit for bikes. There's a lot of great videos on YouTube to show you how to do your own wrenching.

    Incidentally, I see posts that hundreds have viewed and nobody answered them. Why do they bother to log onto a cycling forum if they're not going to take part?