High class German Touring Bike with Rohloff Speedhub for sale


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Nov 1, 2013
VSF Fahrradmanufraktur T900
Frame: Framesize 57cm or 22,5 inches, steel with dark blue paint
Shift: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 hub gear with 14 Gears and Gear Range of 526% (made in Germany)
Breaks: Magura HS33 hydraulic rim breaks (made in Germany)
Tires: 28 inch Wheels with Schwalbe Mondial Tires Size 37x622
Frone Hub: Hub Dynamo Schmidt Original Nabendynamo (SON) R28 6V (made in Germany) high-efficiency and low-drag
Mud Guards: adjustable from SKS (made in Germany)
Saddle: Brooks Flyer Aged Leather Saddle (it needs about 200km till its driven in, but than its very comfortable)
LED front light B&M Scheinwerfer Lumotec IQ Cyo T 60 Lux powered by the Hub Dynamo (very impressive by Night) with parking Light
LED tail light powered with the Hub Dynamo with parking Light
Rear Rack Tubus Locc with preperation for the U-Lock(made in Germany) very stable
Low Rider from Tubus (made in Germany) very stable
U-Lock from Abus Model Granit 54 the best they have (made in Germany), on the Rear Rack is a holder for the Lock
all together 18km (includes the U-lock with 1.5kg), i know its not the lightest but it has a lot of Gear

I used the Bike for my 3 Month Tour thru New Zealand and i enjoyed every bit of it. I had absolutliy no problems. The Bike feels save in every Weather. The Tires working perfect on Tomack and Gravel (never had a flat). The Bike feels comfortable even with fully pumped up tires (6Bar). The best bit of the Bike is possibly the Shift. Its the best hub gear (and by far most expensive) on the Market. The Gear Range is with 526% comparable with a 27 Speed Shimano Chain Shift. All the Gear Steps have exactly 13.5%. A very cool thing is also that you can Shift when the Bike is steady (not moving), what you can't do with a Chain Shift. The Company Rohloff has now produced about 200000 hub gears and there is not one known which gone wrong. Some of the first peaple who bought it have allready cycled over 100000km on the hub and still running. Because the Sifting is done inside your chain works a lot longer as well. The only thing you have to do is change the oil ever 10000km. There is an Importer in Wellington for Spare Parts and Oil (called: puresports), this is also the Importer for Spare Parts for the Magura Hydraulik Breaks. I have that Brakes on all of my Bikes, because they also work forever. All together this bike isnt made to cycle thru NZ, its made to cycle around the world. If you have enough time (i haven'd) thats your bike.
3200NZ or 2800AU
pickup in Auckland between 22.Nov and 25.Nov
or pickup in Melbourne between 27.Nov and 30.Nov
I also have the fitting waterproof pannier Bags from Ortlieb. You can have the bags for an additional 350NZ or 305AU
2 smaller ones for the front in red
2 bigger ones for the rear in white
you can look some pictures on my blog: reisedeskangaroos.wordpress.com